Discovered by a stroke of fate in the far Japan. More sophisticated and perfected. Brought over the sea to the occident and distributed amongst people: the hand crocheted beanies from myboshi.

myboshi is passion. A passion for unique beanies. Because there is only one Boshi. Felix Rohland and Thomas Jaenisch are the heralds of this truth. They adamantly believe in the good of the Boshi. They never leave home without wearing a Boshi. And they have never been disappointed by it.

The founders and executive directors of myboshi are Thomas Jaenisch and Felix Rohland from Oberfranken.

Felix and Thomas are both sports-mad outdoor people who are often out in nature, especially in the winter time as skiing instructors. They know from personal experience what a beanie - which is more than just a fashionable accessory - needs to live up to to prove itself in outdoor use.

As a passionate outdoor and winter sports person, Felix spends most of his spare time in nature. In winter especially snowboarding, cross country or downhill skiing. In summer he's busy mountainbiking, mountaineering and climbing. As foundation of his sportive activities, Felix goes jogging or runs a marathon once in a while. Felix is a convinced Boshi wearer. If he doesn't have a Boshi on him, he quickly crochets one up. Felix is from Helmbrechts in Oberfranken.

Thomas often occupies himself with economy, politics and current affairs. As a skiing instructor he does like skiing, freeriding being his favourite category. Thomas is a passionate crocheter, he is completely addicted to the crochet hook and is still responsible for many prototypes. Thomas is from Konradsreuth in the vicinity of Hof.

Interview with Thomas and Felix

Philosophy A beanie for every head

The beanies from myboshi are absolutely individual. This is why they are called myboshi. Boshi means beanie in Japanese and "my" is understood by most foreign speakers of English. For the non-understanding, here the simplified translation:
It means "meiBoshi".
We leave the mass production to others. Everyone can create their own beanie with us. A beanie for every head thanks to various, combinable, trendy forms, patterns and colours. With your customized Boshi you signal which characteristic head hides underneath it. In a way a beanie with a brain.