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Gnomes Aidan and Adana

Crochet Pattern
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  • 1-mal ICE-Yarns Long eyelash braun
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The gnome is a little helper that protects the house, make stupid tricks to the people and avoids any
harm. He can appear in the shape of a feather that falls on your nose while you sleep so that you
have to sneeze. He lives during daytime in the hills and mountains or as a black cat in your house
while he during the night appears as a dragon like thing falls through the chimney to bring his owner
some money. The owners of gnomes are usually rich and they can´t die before they pass there
gnome on.
My little fellows are wood gnomes and they are really cute but you have to take care of them.
The pattern includes lots of pictures and is suitable for beginners with patients. It does not contain a
crochet training. You should know how to crochet single crochet , double crochet (US) and how to
crochet 2 single crochet together. How you crochet with tinsel yarn I will explain in the pattern!
With the mentioned yarn the gnomes will be approx. 20 cm height (while standing – 8 inch).

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Zusätzlich wird folgendes benötigt:
  • 1-mal ICE-Yarns Long eyelash braun
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